Our story begins when Dr. Robert Taylor and his wife, Harriett, owned a hospital in Mojave, California where they both practiced general medicine. In the early 1950s, they sold the hospital and moved to Cleveland, Ohio where Dr. Taylor trained in radiology and radiation oncology.

After moving to Las Vegas in the mid 1950s and working alone for many years, Dr. Taylor advertised for an additional physician. Dr. Harris Knudson answered the advertisement and was hired in 1964. Dr. Knudson knew of Dr. James Lum as they served together in the military. When the need for another physician arose, Dr. Lum accepted the offer and moved to Las Vegas. The three formed a professional corporation in the state of Nevada on January 6, 1966 under the name Taylor, Knudson & Lum. They covered UMC hospital as well as two small outpatient facilities on Maryland Parkway and Rancho Lane.

In 1969 Dr. Francis Esposito became the fourth physician with the practice. Two years later in 1971 Dr. Richard Ellis joined the small practice and when Desert Springs opened he became the Chief of the Radiology Department. Later that same year, Dr. Paul Bandt joined the group to help ease the busy schedules. By the mid 1970s, the hospital contracts were keeping the practice busy and the outpatient business was continuing to grow. In 1977, the Rancho Lane location was expanded and renamed to Desert Radiology.

As the group continued to expand they opened the first outpatient radiation therapy center in Nevada called Nevada Radiation Oncology Center (NROC) in 1980. They also began reading for Southwest Medical Associates that same year. The Rancho Lane office remained open until 1987 when they relocated to the current Palomino facility. The professional corporation was later renamed on September 11, 1996 to Ellis, Bandt, Birkin, Kollins & Wong.

Desert Radiology is proud to proivde radiology services for 12 hospitals. Our group continues to operate on the solid foundation set forth in 1966 and has grown to over 75 radiologists strong with over 500 support personnel providing services at 11 outpatient facilties.

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