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We are truthful with others as well as ourselves. 
Our words are consistent with our beliefs; actions are consistent with our words.


We work together. The best of us alone cannot exceed the results of all of us together. 
We support, respect and value each other.


We put forth our personal and professional best.
We provide the highest level of care possible and deliver superior experiences for our patients, referring providers and clients.


We are here to serve. We strive to understand the needs of our clients,
especially our patients and referring physicians and exceed their expectations.


We take responsibility for our actions. We acknowledge that each of us has a role in the success of our practice


Our story began in the early 1950s with Dr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor.  The Taylors moved to Las Vegas in early 1950, following completion of Dr. Taylor's training in radiology and radiation oncology.  In 1964, Dr. Harris Knudson and Dr. James Lum relocated to Las Vegas and joined the small practice started by Dr. Taylor. On January 6, 1966 the three formed a professional corporation in the state of Nevada under the name Taylor, Knudson & Lum. The small practice provided radiology services to UMC hospital and operated two outpatient facilities; one on Maryland Parkway and the other on Rancho Lane.  

In 1969 Dr. Francis Esposito joined the practice, followed by Dr. Richard Ellis in 1971. When Desert Springs Hospital opened, the practice was brought on as a partner to provide radiology services. Later that same year, Dr. Paul Bandt joined the practice. .

By the mid 1970s, the practice comprised of six radiologists was thriving with multiple hospital contracts and a busy outpatient imaging business. In 1977, the Rancho Lane location was expanded and renamed to Desert Radiologists.  In 1980, the group of physicians established and opened Nevada Radiation Oncology Center (NROC), the first outpatient radiation therapy center in the state. That same year, the practice also began providing radiology services for Southwest Medical Associates. The Rancho Lane outpatient facility was relocated to 2020 Palomino Lane in 1987, and still operates in this location today.

In 2017, the practice name was officially changed to Desert Radiology. Desert Radiology is the premier diagnostic imaging center in Southern Nevada.  Today, the practice comprises more than 80 radiologists and 500 clinical and support teammates; operates 9 diagnostic imaging facilities throughout Las Vegas, Henderson and Pahrump; providing diagnostic and interventional radiology services multiple Nevada hospitals. 



Desert Radiology works closely with local area hospitals to deliver leading-edge diagnostic and interventional imaging. We are proud to partner with the following Nevada hospitals.

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What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

“I go to no other place since 2004 due to the fact that at Palomino Dessert Radiologist I get excellent care. Everyone and I mean everyone from the security officers in the front door, front desk clerks, to MRI technician Miss Jesenia and her assistant. They all give excellent service! All of the technicians practice/work with great care, compassion, and excellent work ethics. For this reason I honestly believe they deserve five and more stars.”

Vanessa Escobar