Desert Radiology Continues to Promote Brain Health Awareness Through Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Care

By: Matt Grimes, Senior Vice President and COO of Desert Radiology

March marks brain health awareness, and as a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence and official imaging partner to Las Vegas’ professional sports scene including Vegas Golden Knights, Desert Radiology continues to remain at the forefront of brain imaging.

A major concern of brain health, particularly when it comes to sports, is a concussion – a traumatic brain injury resulting from a severe jolt to the head or a physical hit to the body that causes the head and brain to drastically move back and forth. According to Dr. Alan Weissman, one of Desert Radiology’s board-certified radiologists, any kind of impact to the head during a sporting event could potentially cause a concussion.

Increase in Mammogram Appointments Prompts Additional Need for Specialists

By: Matt Grimes, Senior Vice President and COO of Desert Radiology

With the beginning of every new year comes new goals, and one of our goals at Desert Radiology is to enhance and develop our team of breast imaging specialists throughout 2021. Breast screenings remain a very vital component to yearly wellness checks, which is largely understood in our community and made evident by the significant number of scheduled appointments for mammograms. 

Practice-wide, we average an approximate 6,000 mammograms per month totaling about 72,000 annually. These figures continue to be on the increase – an encouraging trajectory that proves a continual growth to our breast imaging specialist team.

Desert Radiology is the Official Imaging Partner for the Henderson SIlver Knights.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) November 1, 2020 - Desert Radiology will provide on-site imaging services during Silver Knight home games and support the team with outpatient diagnostics.

Our team continues to deepen their experience and knowledge to successfully prevent and treat several life-threatening ailments

By: William Perry, PA Supervisor -

Interventional radiology and neuroradiology are specialties crucial to the prevention and treatment of several life-threatening ailments – they are also areas we are committed to growing at Desert Radiology. With the recent addition of seasoned neuro and interventional radiologists, our team now consists of nearly 40 board-certified physicians who are breaking barriers in this intricate specialty.

Breast Health Should be Recognized Year-Round as Breast Cancer is the Second Most Common Cancer in Women

By: Vicki Thornhill, Imaging Facility Manager -

October is when breast cancer awareness is observed on a national scale, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this particular cancer is the second most common cancer in American women and per, an estimated 276,480 invasive breast cancers are expected to be diagnosed among women this year alone - therefore there should be an awareness of breast cancer all year long.

Desert Radiology Physicians Stay Abreast on All Technological Advances in Radiologic Imaging Industry

By: Matt Grimes, Senior Vice President, Operations -

As keeping up with the latest cutting-edge diagnostic technology is a vital component to the successful diagnosis of a variety of conditions any patient may have, it is of utmost importance to the entire team at Desert Radiology. Our physicians, executive and management team stay on top of the latest developments by attending industry conferences and seminars, allowing them to study and recognize how the latest innovations can be applied in our practice.

Providing a Well-Rounded Approach to Patient Care Inside and Outside of Our Practice

By: Corrie Riccadonna, Director, Marketing & Provider Relations -

As a Vegas-born diagnostic imaging practice, Desert Radiology is dedicated to giving back to our community through charitable donations, partnerships, and initiatives.

For more than 50 years, we have leveraged our position in the valley to make impactful changes with several community and nonprofit organizations in Southern Nevada.  To help further our philanthropic endeavors, we created “DR Do-Gooders,” a team of Desert Radiology team members who have collectively donated thousands of hours of time combined volunteering across our various charity events and programs.

Seven Desert Radiology Physicians Across a Variety of Specialties Were Selected by Their Industry Peers in Rigorous Screening Process.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) August 10, 2020 - Desert Radiology is pleased to announce seven of its physicians have been chosen by their peers as 2020 Top Doctors of Southern Nevada in a survey released by KNPR.

Desert Radiology proud to announce new partnership with Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) June 15, 2020 - The diagnostic imaging practice, serving Southern Nevada for over 50 years, will now provide on-call interventional radiology services for the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center.  

DR Quickly Adapts and Strengthens Operations.

By: Matt Grimes, Senior Vice President of Operations -

As healthcare facilities and businesses across the nation grappled with the sudden shift in operations due to COVID-19, Desert Radiology became a real-time response team, quickly learning and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape. What our team has discovered during the past four months has ultimately altered the way our practice will operate to ensure safety and protection of both patients and team members now, in the future and for the next unforeseen crisis.

At Desert Radiology, we have always aimed to streamline our operational functions to increase efficiency and quality in all services we provide. When the pandemic hit, our teams mobilized quickly to develop and implement the safety protocols and systems necessary to safeguard the continuation of essential imaging services to our community.

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