The Importance of Collegiate Partnerships in Developing Southern Nevada's Healthcare Workforce

The core of Desert Radiology is to transform radiology through medical imaging excellence. While we believe strongly in this mission, we also understand that this process begins at the collegiate level by providing a strong foundation for learning and growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the radiology field is projected to increase 6% from 2021 to 2031 through an increase of 16,600 new radiologic and MRI technologists each year.

To meet this growing interest and to reduce the migration mentality that healthcare workers commonly face, Desert Radiology has partnered with local universities and colleges to provide a mentorship program that fosters the growth of new techs. Our goal for this mentorship program is to not only foster an incredible next generation of talent but to build up and retain high-quality healthcare workers in Southern Nevada, that are enthusiastic about working with the community in which they went to school in.

The Desert Radiology Mentorship Program

Desert Radiology’s mentorship program helps student development by providing firsthand experience to prepare them for a career in radiology. By learning from some of our most knowledgeable team members, participating students can build their skills in real clinical situations. The academic authenticity this provides combined with our team’s enthusiasm for helping new professionals achieve success helps students determine if a career in radiology is the right decision for them early on in their academic journey. Our practice understands how overwhelming it can feel to someone who is first learning the fundamentals of our industry, and our team has taken an active role in giving students real clinical experiences to learn and grow from.

“Having a mentor or mentorship program to partake in gives the student a chance to see exactly what their future profession entails,” said Renee Eskierka, MRSO, Desert Radiology Imaging Facility Manager “Most of our seasoned technologists display positivity and enthusiasm because they enjoy teaching, encouraging and sharing their knowledge. Our goal is to make it so students who mentor here want to stay and work here."

Working With UNLV Educators to Bridge the Gap

The mentorship program we participate in has proven to be an effective teaching tool when combined with the quality instruction students receive from education professionals at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. By partnering with UNLV, Desert Radiology has taken an active role in building up our local community’s pool of qualified healthcare workers, and we’ve helped to bridge the gap between the classroom and the professional workspace. Educators want more than anything for their students to succeed in their careers, and giving those students a chance to apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom to authentic clinical settings allows them to make a smoother transition from a classroom environment to a professional work dynamic.

When asked about how partnering with Desert Radiology has helped contribute to a better education for UNLV students, Chad Hensley Ph.D., R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT), Program Director at UNLV said, “UNLV Radiography's partnership with Desert Radiology allows our students to have a high volume out-patient experience. This helps to provide a well-rounded clinical education that best prepares the student for entry into the profession."

Desert Radiology's Ongoing Commitment to the Southern Nevada Community

Ultimately, our practice is always looking to better understand the needs of our industry and support our local community. Whether that be in the form of charity drives for the underprivileged or programs we establish with local academic institutions, we’ve always believed that positive change starts with the community we serve. Nobody understands this better than our very own Matthew Grimes, COO of Desert Radiology. Grimes, a driving force behind Desert Radiology’s collegiate partnerships, has spent much of his career putting mentorship at the forefront of Desert Radiology’s community commitment.

“Partnering with local colleges to provide quality diagnostic learning is an integral step to improving the retention rate of healthcare professionals across the spectrum,” said Grimes. “National healthcare shortages are an ongoing problem in our industry, but the solution begins by addressing needs at the local level. Our mentorship program is another way we remain consistent with our commitment and support of the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada communities."

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

“My Desert Radiology visit was a great experience. The entire staff were professional and accommodating. The facility is immaculate and easily accessible. I don’t hesitate to recommend it for radiologic protocols.”

Ell Corum