Las Vegas's Premier Diagnostic Facility Shares Seven Strategies to Make Your Health a Priority in 2023

2023 is finally here, and people everywhere are setting new health goals and committing themselves to their New Year’s resolutions. As a practice, Desert Radiology believes your physical and mental wellness plays a large contributing factor to meeting your New Year’s resolution goals, and we believe making your health a priority in the new year is one of the best things you can do to stay on track. This month, we’ll be sharing seven wellness tips you can use to keep yourself healthy and ready to take on everything the new year brings your way.

  1. Limit Processed Foods & Sugary Drinks: Processed foods and sugary drinks can be tempting as we transition from a month of winter vacations and family gatherings back into our daily lives. Although they may seem convenient for a quick bite, processed foods are nutritionally lacking due to their production and packaging process. They are high in saturated fats and sodium, and the way they are packaged can destroy vitamins, minerals, and fiber that keep you healthy and feeling full. Limiting your intake of processed foods and sugary drinks will help you become more nutrient-conscious about your vitamin and mineral consumption, and it will help you maintain a healthier and more balanced diet at the start of the new year.
  2. Establish and Maintain a Healthy Diet: Being smart about your eating habits and dieting plans is essential to improving your health and wellness. Smart snacking can prevent you from overeating during mealtimes, and trading out candy and chips for fresh fruits, unsalted nuts, yogurt or cut-up seasoned vegetables in between meals can help you stay energized and focused throughout the day. During mealtimes, look for healthy substitutions and upgrades to elevate the benefits and nutritional value of your meal — like adding whole grains to salads to increase fiber and fullness.
  3. Drink Alcohol in Moderation: Working on your drinking habits and preparing to drink in moderation can be tough after getting through a month of work parties, family dinners, and festive celebrations. This is made even more challenging when you are gifted your favorite wines and spirits for the holiday season. However, it’s important to take some time away from your favorite drinks to give your body a chance to cleanse itself and prepare for a change back into normalcy. You can also use this time away as an opportunity to evaluate your alcohol consumption habits and better plan the amount you wish to drink. The CDC recommends two drinks or less a day for adult males and one drink or less a day for adult females on days when they do plan to drink. Additionally, they advise women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or who think they may be pregnant to not consume alcohol at all. Having a healthy plan in place for alcohol consumption will help you stay on top of your 2023 wellness goals.
  4. Get Your Body Moving: Getting physically active can be beneficial for both your mental wellness and your physical health. Many find it hard to stay committed to exercise routines in the new year; however, that can completely change if you reframe the idea of exercise into a fun activity that gets your body moving. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiking with your dogs, playing tag with your kids, or dancing to your new favorite song. We recommend setting aside 30 minutes each day for an enjoyable routine that will get your body up and moving. You’ll find that if it’s an activity you enjoy doing every day, it won’t feel like exercise and will help you feel better and give you something to look forward to every day.
  5. Get More Sleep: A good night’s sleep is critical for energizing the body, increasing work performance, and improving your critical decision-making. Additionally, being well-rested will enhance your self-control and help you better follow through on other New Year’s resolutions you’ve made. To increase the effectiveness of your sleep, our practice recommends limiting caffeine after lunchtime and committing yourself to a bedtime where you turn off the lights and put away your phones for the day. Using your phone before bedtime exposes your eyes to blue light, tricking the body into thinking it's daytime and preventing it from releasing the necessary melatonin to prepare your body for a period of rest.
  6. Reduce Stress: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by returning to the fast-paced busyness of jobs, school, and other day-to-day obligations. Implementing stress-reducing activities, like trying a new hobby or setting aside time for family and friends, will improve your mood and daily productivity. We also recommend taking steps to get organized by decluttering your drawers and donating any extra items in the closet you don’t need. Not only is it a productive way to cut the extra stressors out of your life, but it also makes finding things in the future easier and gives you peace of mind about the environment you are in.
  7. Get an Annual Physical: An annual physical is one of the best things you can do to improve your health during 2023. By seeing a professional physician, you’ll be able to identify any risks to your health and get ahead of them before they get too serious. You’ll also be able to ensure your diet and exercise routines are adequate for your age range and confirm that your health and wellness plan is on track for meeting your 2023 fitness and lifestyle commitments.

Remaining on track with New Year’s obligations can be challenging, but Desert Radiology is committed to providing you with the best information to start your new year strong. By implementing these seven tips into your New Year’s resolution plans, you’ll feel more refreshed every day and have an easier time hitting your New Year’s resolution goals. Remember, making your health a top priority is always the best thing you can do to improve the way you feel every day.

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