What is kyphoplasty?

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for treating fractures caused by osteoporosis. The goals of the procedure are to stop the pain caused by the bone fracture, to stabilize the bone, and to restore some or all of the vertebral body height lost due to the compression fracture.

As a general rule, the earlier kyphoplasty is performed, the better are the chances of achieving significant correction of spinal alignment. Therefore, the earlier compression fractures are diagnosed, the more effective kyphoplasty intervention will be.

What can I expect during this procedure?

During kyphoplasty, a small incision is made in the back through which the doctor places a narrow tube. Using fluoroscopy to guide it to the correct position, the tube creates a path through the back into the fractured area through the pedicle of the involved vertebrae.

Using x-ray images, the doctor inserts a special balloon through the tube and into the vertebrae; then gently and carefully inflates it. As the balloon inflates, it elevates the fracture, returning the pieces to a more normal position. It also compacts the soft inner bone to create a cavity inside the vertebrae.

The balloon is removed and the doctor uses specially designed instruments under low pressure to fill the cavity with a cement-like material called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). After being injected, the pasty material hardens quickly, stabilizing the bone.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

“I can’t say enough about my experience at Desert Radiology. Everyone from the receptionist, to the nurses, to the PA, that did the procedure. I had to have a port put in, for chemotherapy. They were so kind and treated me, as if, I was there only patient. It meant so much, especially when you have to go through cancer treatment.”

Patricia Alaimo