What is a dental CT scan?

A SimPlant dental CT scan is a precise preoperative dental planning software. A plan is created for the ideal positioning of dental implants, in both 2D and 3D, while taking into account both clinical and esthetical considerations. Although panoramic x-rays have traditionally been used to launch an implant treatment plan, CT images provide the most comprehensive and accurate pre-surgical information. A SimPlant CT study creates a complete planning environment, allowing simultaneous viewing of cross sectional, axial, panoramic and 3D images in an interactive setting.

If your dental provider has requested a SimPlant study, your CT will be combined with software that provides highly-accurate mapping capabilities to aid in the placement of dental implants. SimPlant makes it possible for your provider to travel virtually (via computer) through the bone in search of the best and most accurate location for the proposed implant.

What should I expect during this procedure?

This exam generally takes approximately 15 minutes and is performed while you lie flat on the CT table with your head in a cushioned support. You will be asked to bite on a tongue depressor that separates the upper and lower teeth. Your technologist will ask you to remain still for approximately one minute while the scan is performed. The scanner will not touch you and you will not feel the x-rays.

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