CT enterography

CT enterography is a new diagnostic tool in evaluating small bowel disorders. CT enterography is highly sensitive and specific for Crohn’s disease, and it is increasingly being used to stage the small bowel. CT enterography combines a CT scan with large volumes of oral contrast to image the small bowel. This can help to determine a diagnosis and potential therapies that may be used in your treatment.

What can I expect during this procedure?

After you arrive, you will be asked to begin drinking an oral contrast material in timed intervals. Once this is complete, you will begin your exam by lying on the CT scan table with your arms resting above your head. You will then be given contrast material through the IV line that was placed earlier. You may feel a brief warm sensation after the contrast material is injected. You will be asked to hold your breath for the 20-30 seconds that the actual scan takes. The table moves slowly through the ring-shaped CT scanner as the images are taken.

What should I expect after this procedure?

You will be monitored briefly following the examination and your IV will be removed 10-15 minutes after the exam. Resume all of your previous medications.

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