New scanner wiill provide superior imaging results and Improve radiation safety! 

(LAS VEGAS, NV) January 27, 2020 – Desert Radiology acquired a new CT scanner equipped with radiation dose reduction software packages that will be used at the Palomino facility.   

Practice ranked No. 18 out of 80 practices nationwide

(LAS VEGAS, NV) November 19, 2019 - Desert Radiology, a premier diagnostic imaging company that has served Southern Nevada for over 50 years, has been recognized among 'The Exemplary 80" practices in the U.S. by the Radiology Business Journal

Team raises over $2K in support and ranked No. 9 for fundraising efforts

(LAS VEGAS, NV) September 14, 2019 - Our DR Do-Gooders team of dedicated employee and family member volunteers joined together to participate in the St. Jude Walk at Town Square on Saturday, September 14th.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) August 12, 2019 – Desert Radiology is excited to announce that seven Desert Radiology physicians have been chosen by their peers as 2019 Top Doctors of Southern Nevada by Desert Companion magazine. 

(LAS VEGAS, NV) August 3, 2019 – Desert Radiology Do-Gooders donated 200 backpacks along with numerous school supplies during a back to school fair for low-income students who participate in programs at the City Impact Center. 

(LAS VEGAS, NV) July 17, 2019 –  Careers in radiology are predicted to be one of the fastest growing occupations in Southern Nevada over the next decade.  Desert Radiology, Nevada's premier diagnostic imaging practice, is helping the community prepare for this growth through unique collaborations with their community partners. 

(LAS VEGAS, NV) June 22, 2019 –  Desert Radiology hosted a Summer Fair for the children of City Impact Center's after-school program to bring some  summer fun to economically challenged families in the valley.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) June 18, 2019 –  Desert Radiology delivered over 100 packages of brand-new underwear to Project 150 that was collected during the practice’s Operation Captain Underpants drive. This initiative was started by Desert Radiology to help the 6,400 homeless and disadvantaged high school students who are served by Project 150.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) May 23, 2019 –  According to the National Brain Tumor Society, an estimated 700,000 people in the U.S are living with a primary brain tumor. Desert Radiology’s Dr. Rajneesh Agrawal shares signs and symptoms of brain cancer, advancements in imaging and surgery techniques, and treatment options available. 

(LAS VEGAS, NV) May 23, 2019 –  Four of Desert Radiology's expert radiologists were named "Top Doctors" by Vegas Inc.'s Healthcare Quarterly magazine.  Drs. Rajneesh Agrawal, Paul Bandt, Ashok Gupta and Alan Weissman were recognized by their peers as leading providers in the field of radiology.  This "best of the best" acknowledgement of our physicians, further enhances Desert Radiology's position as the premier, most trusted imaging practice in Southern Nevada.


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