Providing a Well-Rounded Approach to Patient Care Inside and Outside of Our Practice

By: Corrie Riccadonna, Director, Marketing & Provider Relations -

As a Vegas-born diagnostic imaging practice, Desert Radiology is dedicated to giving back to our community through charitable donations, partnerships, and initiatives.

For more than 50 years, we have leveraged our position in the valley to make impactful changes with several community and nonprofit organizations in Southern Nevada.  To help further our philanthropic endeavors, we created “DR Do-Gooders,” a team of Desert Radiology team members who have collectively donated thousands of hours of time combined volunteering across our various charity events and programs.

We are passionate about lending our voices and support to community and nonprofit organizations that are making a positive difference for lives throughout Southern Nevada. The DR Do-Gooders are providing assistance where it’s needed through donations, charitable walks, special events, and summer fairs. Desert Radiology is proud to support City Impact Center, Project 150, Opportunity Village, the American Lung Association of Southern Nevada, Veteran's Village, Susan G. Komen, Southern Nevada Burn Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We have also collected and donated more than 1,000 backpacks for disadvantaged students across the valley.

As the sports scene in Las Vegas continues to expand at a rapid pace, so too is the opportunity to give back. At Desert Radiology, we recognized quickly that aligning with professional organizations who mirror our own charitable ambitions, like the Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Aviators, Las Vegas Aces, the Las Vegas Lights FC and UNLV enables us to diversify even further our community support to help improve the lives of our Southern Nevada neighbors.

Through our commitment to corporate social responsibility, our team members are empowered to leverage our extensive resources to make impactful changes around the valley – this in turn boosts team morale and leads to a stronger more collaborative work environment. As a result of our involvement in outreach programs, we have been able to ingrain our team members into the pulse of the city; we are able to learn about certain community pain points – invaluable knowledge we would not have if not for our commitment to helping those who need it most. Understanding varying pain points allows us to evolve our practice and accommodate the needs of our patients in extraordinary ways, resulting in personalized, quality care.

At Desert Radiology, caring for the whole person inside and outside of our practice will continue to be one of our highest priorities. We understand that patient care must include factors outside of our facilities and we will remain committed to serving our patients and our community in ways that help improve their overall quality of life.

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