Our team continues to deepen their experience and knowledge to successfully prevent and treat several life-threatening ailments

By: William Perry, PA Supervisor -

Interventional radiology and neuroradiology are specialties crucial to the prevention and treatment of several life-threatening ailments – they are also areas we are committed to growing at Desert Radiology. With the recent addition of seasoned neuro and interventional radiologists, our team now consists of nearly 40 board-certified physicians who are breaking barriers in this intricate specialty.

Most recently, two of our neuro and interventional radiologists, Dr. Julian Hardman and Dr. Samir Hadi, led a special procedures team at the University Medical Center as they performed Nevada’s first cerebral embolization case using a new WEB Embolization Device for aneurysms – a testament to our physician’s commitment to innovation and improving the quality of specialty care in Southern Nevada.

Interventional Radiology has become a crucial component to diagnostic care in preventative and emergency-related healthcare. This specialized field within radiology uses the latest image-guided technology to diagnose and treat patients through a range of minimally invasive procedures that once may have required surgery. Our interventional team perform these procedures within those sensitive areas of the body including the brain to help diagnose and treat aneurysms, tumors, spinal compressions and other potentially debilitating conditions.  

Our neuroradiologists are also highly trained specialists who focus on the diagnosis and characterization of abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, and head and neck using complex neuroimaging techniques.

Both our Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology radiologists provide highly concentrated image interpretations of complex cases for patients with cancer, pain, diabetes, liver, kidney, and many other diseases and conditions.

Deepening the experience and breadth of knowledge among our specialty physicians is a critical initiative for Desert Radiology, and one that we continue to foster throughout our practice. It is our goal to continue to provide quality specialty care in Southern Nevada. This goal ultimately supports the development of the overall healthcare landscape of our community which has a direct and positive impact on our community members.

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