Desert Radiology Continues to Promote Brain Health Awareness Through Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Care

By: Matt Grimes, Senior Vice President and COO of Desert Radiology

March marks brain health awareness, and as a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence and official imaging partner to Las Vegas’ professional sports scene including Vegas Golden Knights, Desert Radiology continues to remain at the forefront of brain imaging.

A major concern of brain health, particularly when it comes to sports, is a concussion – a traumatic brain injury resulting from a severe jolt to the head or a physical hit to the body that causes the head and brain to drastically move back and forth. According to Dr. Alan Weissman, one of Desert Radiology’s board-certified radiologists, any kind of impact to the head during a sporting event could potentially cause a concussion.

Although concussions are typically not immediate life-threatening injuries, they can cause long-term health effects if proper precautions are not taken, or follow-up diagnostic imaging isn’t performed to discover the actual impact on the brain.  

Computed Tomography (CT) is the most common imaging modality used during the acute phase of head injury to detect and diagnose a concussion and the severity of injury impact. 

  • CT is a diagnostic imaging exam used to create detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels.  The scan generates cross-sectional images that can be reformatted in multiple planes and can even generate three-dimensional images.

The scientific advances within the diagnostic imaging industry have allowed our practice to remain at the forefront of technology, with the ability to provide more accurate and less invasive procedures. Most recently, Desert Radiology has implemented a more advanced CT scanner that creates high-quality image detail while lowering radiation dosages, specific to patient’s body type and size.

Our attention to advancements and commitment to quality diagnostic imaging has allowed us to be selected the trusted diagnostic imaging center of choice for Las Vegas’ emerging professional sports teams including Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Raiders, Las Vegas Aces, Las Vegas Aviators, and Las Vegas FC Lights. 

To promote healthy brain awareness from an early age, Desert Radiology will continue to collaborate with local schools and parents to increase the awareness and treatment of these types of injuries to improve the long-term health of student-athletes, with a focus on early intervention practices and procedures.

To read more about concussion warning signs, especially for youth sports players, read our article featured in Health Care Quarterly

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