5 Reasons Why Desert Radiology Is the Perfect Place to Thrive as a Radiologist

Whether fresh out of residency, or a seasoned radiologist, finding a radiology practice that balances both professional development and fulfilling, community-centric work can oftentimes be tough. Desert Radiology–a Radiology Partners Practice–underscores the importance these two characteristics are in a radiologist’s career journey and fosters a supportive environment for every teammate.

On a mission to transform radiology through imaging excellence, Desert Radiology serves every corner of the Las Vegas community, from the general public to world-class acrobats on the Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas’ top-tier professional athletes, including soccer, football, hockey, basketball and baseball players. Combining the diversity in patients in Las Vegas with the wide range in radiological specialties at Desert Radiology, the opportunities to thrive in a radiology career and contribute enormously to a community are boundless. Don’t just take our word for it though, explore the reasons why some of our radiologists call Desert Radiology and Las Vegas home.

1. Freedom to Shine

"I have been growing with Desert Radiology for the past 23 years. One of the benefits Desert Radiology has provided me with is the freedom to market myself. I conduct speaking engagements within the physician community, and this has provided me with great value."

Neuro Interventional Radiologist - Rajneesh Agrawal, MD

2. Wide Range of Patient Needs & Evolving Growth at DR

"Over the past 17 years, Desert Radiology has met all of my culture needs including size, team players, location, and much more. The growth I see at this practice evolves like none I’ve ever seen.

I also love the wide range of different patient needs we see at Desert Radiology, which allows me the opportunity to practice all of the skill sets I learned in training."

Body Imaging Radiologist - Ashok Gupta, MD

3. Comprehensive Patient Care Training & Unmatched Patient Service

"Medical School teaches you the details, the facts in medicine, anatomy, but then you get out in real life and realize you need to take that extra step to learn to convey care to your patients, provide comfort and compassion. Desert Radiology provides you with that training. The patient service that Desert Radiology provides is unmatched. We read the last case of the day just as thoughtfully as we read the first case of the day…patient care is #1."

Oncology & Musculoskeletal Radiologist - Alan Weissman, MD

4. Diverse Practice with Strong Support

"DR is a very diverse practice with numerous subspecialties; you always have support, someone to call. Desert Radiology allowed me to specialize in Pediatrics with the time, opportunity for fellowship, and mentors."

Pediatric Radiologist - Lisa Wong, MD

5. A Great Community of Neighborhoods & Friends

"When I looked for a job, one of the most important things to me was where I would like to settle down with my family. Choosing to work at Desert Radiology in Las Vegas has provided me with a great community of neighborhoods and friends."

Neuro Interventional Radiologist - Julian Hardman, MD

Interested in making the leap to a thriving radiology career in Las Vegas, Nevada? Visit https://www.desertrad.com/dr-careers/ and explore available positions.