The Strength of Motherhood in Medicine: Desert Radiology's Inspirational Moms

Mother’s Day gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate, congratulate and thank not only their own mom, but any motherly figure in their life. Our incredible team at Desert Radiology is comprised of some of the most outstanding mothers and healthcare professionals in the business. Their dedication to their families and patients alike showcases the incredible strength and grace they exude each and every day.

Their unique perspectives, as mothers and healthcare providers, allow each of them to connect with their patients on a deeper level and provide top-notch care.

We talked with a few Desert Radiology moms to share some insights into what it means to be a mother working in health care and how both their families and patients benefit from their unique skills and knowledge.

Here are some of the things these moms have to say about motherhood and healthcare:

Jenn Fortune, Scheduling Coordinator
"I have four children, ages 30, 28, 19, and 12. Working in healthcare has made me more aware of my children's health. I used to think that a headache was just a headache, but now I know that it could be something more serious. I'm also more patient with my kids now that I understand what they're going through."

Brittney Martinez, Physician Scheduler
"I have four daughters, ages 14, 8, 3, and 9 months old. Being a mom drove me into wanting to work in healthcare to ensure the health of our future generation. Working in healthcare and being a mother has given me the knowledge to pay attention to certain symptoms and what to look for while making sure I can be the voice they need."

Kimberly Arkens, Transcriptionist – Medical Editor
"I have two children, ages 35 and 31. Working in healthcare for the past 31 years has been awesome because I have always gotten to work from home transcribing while being a mom. Understanding the medical language due to working in healthcare has helped me understand more than the average person when my own kids had health issues. It has made me more calm and more informative and more patient with the doctors and nurses as well."

Chelsea Maculam, Provider Relations Representative
"I have three beautiful children, ages 13, 10, and 2. Working in the healthcare field has provided me with the knowledge to understand more health ailments. I can better understand what my children are experiencing and how to help them. My motherly instincts have also influenced my patient care to inspire more compassion and understanding."

Jessica Morales, Medical Receptionist
"I have one child, and he is 8 years old. Working in health care has shaped me to be a better mother by paying attention to small details. Being a mother has transcended into my work and allows me to be more patient and understanding of my patients’ needs and perspectives."

Heidi Patros, Front Office Manager
"I have one daughter, Melania, who is 3 years old. Being a mom has taught me to be more patient and understanding. I also have a greater appreciation for the healthcare system and the people who work in it."

Cyndi-Lee Mack, Front Office Supervisor
"I have one son, who is 35 years old. Working in health care has made me more aware of the importance of preventive care and screenings. It has also taught me how to advocate for my patients and their families. Especially when it comes to moms and their younger children, I’m able to connect with them and offer more comfort and care and be that person for them that they need in that moment."

Corrie Riccadonna, Director, Marketing & Provider Relations
"I have one son, who is 18 years old. Working in healthcare has given me a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of parenting. I have also learned the importance of compassion and empathy. With every patient, regardless of their age, I remember that they are someone’s child too. I show them the same care as I would want shown to my son if he were frightened, worried, frustrated or just needed a listening ear. I am happy to be that person to help a patient get through whatever that one moment in time is.”

We’re so incredibly proud of all the moms that work with us at Desert Radiology and we wish them the happiest Mother’s Day.