(LAS VEGAS, NV) April 26, 2019 – Desert Radiology's DR Do-Gooders team recently won the 2019 Vegas Inc. Health Care Headliners Award in the volunteer category. When it comes to community outreach, it is at the heart of Desert Radiology, a premier diagnostic medical imaging company that has served Southern Nevada for over 50 years.

In 2016, the executive leaders made the bold decision to cease all conventional advertising for the company. They shifted those dollars and its focus from promoting services to giving back and investing into the local community.  Out of this new vision, DR Do-Gooders was created. This new philanthropic service group was designed to offer employees impactful outreach opportunities and unite teammates through the act of giving back to the Southern Nevada community.

The DR Do-Gooders team has been a driving force with many non-profit organizations throughout the Valley, including Opportunity Village, the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen of Nevada.  One of the group’s main community outreach partnerships is with the City Impact Center (CIC), which provides low-income individuals with basic services they need to survive and succeed. On average, each charity event brings 70 to 80 DR Do-Gooders to volunteer their time and connect with local community members.

Two of DR Do-Gooders largest events are their Back-to-School Backpack Drive and Dry Bottoms diaper drive.  Both events began with fundraising and donations of needed items and supplies from the employees.  During the backpack event, a “virtual store” is set up on the CIC campus, where students shopping for supplies and filling up their backpacks with all the needed school supplies.  In 2017, DR Do-Gooders donated nearly 200 backpack and school supplies.  Last year the team donated 250 backpacks and had over 80 team member volunteers to assist in filling and distributing to the children.  During the latest Diaper Drive, DR Do-Gooders collected over 32,000 diapers across the company.  The donation assisted in supplying nearly 450 Las Vegas families in need.

Executives at Desert Radiology didn’t realize initially how much of an impact they would have as the DR Do-Gooders. Their contributions have sent ripples throughout the community and they have touched the lives of countless individuals. The start of DR Do-Gooders has significantly increased employee satisfaction which in turn affects the patients and the care they receive every day. Each employee now has something to be a part of that is bigger than their self alone. Whether it is a charity walk or backpack drive, the DR Do-Gooders are making their mark on this community. They have put in hundreds of hours to build a healthier Southern Nevada and their impact will only continue to rise.

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