LAS VEGAS (November 5, 2018) – The eight annual Las Vegas Top Tech Exec Awards, a collaboration between Cox Business and VEGAS INC, recognize Southern Nevadans who are helping shape the future before our very eyes. These are people who are often on call 24-7, asked to solve problems that may never have happened before in a rapidly evolving industry.  

Hailing from upstate New York, Paul Smith has always been interested in technology and tinkered with writing code.

“Early in my career in Nashville — which has the moniker of the Healthcare Industry Capital because of the diverse number of healthcare companies headquartered there — I was a marketing director at a technology start-up and the lead programmer quit the day before a major demo, so I spent the entire night reprogramming the systems and databases,” said Smith, adding that the experience shifted his interest and focus away from marketing. “Since then, I have been leading technology groups to achieve strategic business goals.”

Smith is a former management consultant with a global consulting firm and co-inventor on multiple systems, methodologies and business processes for identifying population health trends. He joined Desert Radiology as chief information officer in August 2015, pioneering the CIO role and overseeing a complete transformation of the information technology and services business function and platforms.

“We have created one of the largest, most reliable and most scalable medical imaging platforms in the country and deliver managed technology solutions that support enterprise-wide imaging to dozens of healthcare entities throughout Nevada and across several Western states,” Smith said. “This impacts healthcare throughout the region by expediting the time to deliver and report on patient imaging from clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms, and helps our physicians diagnose more quickly so that clinicians at hospitals and medical offices can develop treatment plans and ensure patients get their results as quickly as possible.”

Desert Radiology is an official community partner of City Impact Center and supports charitable events such as Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest and the American Lung Association’s Scale the Strat.

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